HOWTO use this moodle

This is the moodle of the department of Media Technology; note that it is not connected with the moodle that the rest of LNU uses [ ].

All courses (unless otherwise specified) of the master programme "Social Media and Web Technologies" (NAMT2) are using mediatechmoodle, and not mymoodle.

If you have a LNU student email account, you can login using your username & password; once you have loged in at least once, you can then be added to courses on this moodle; this can be done either
  • by yourself, using an enrollment key that you will be provided by a course coordinator
  • by a course coordinator, based on whether you are enrolled for that course on Ladok
If for some reason you do not have a LNU email account, please contact the course coordinator or the programme coordinator.

Note that adding yourself to a course on mediatechmoodle is not the same as applying, registering, or being enrolled in a course. You need to manage those via your "studentwebben" [ ] account, [ ] / [ ], or by contacting the LNU admission office and our department's secretaries.


Login correctly with your LNU Student or Staff account

1. Go to [ ].

2. Use your LNU account name and password to login.

2.1 If you are Staff: Username / email = e.g. “filaee” (the equivalent for your LNU staff account); Password: your LNU password

2.2 If you are Student: Username / email = e.g. “xx222xx” (the equivalent for your LNU student account); Password: your LNU password

Note 1: This should automatically create an account for you, since our Moodle is linked to the LNU’s central LDAP server.

Note 2: If your login password is not accepted, please make sure you are using the correct one by trying to login to [ ]. The password you are using to successfully login there, is the same password to login at our Moodle (see Note 1).

3. Once you are logged in, you either ...

3.1 ... can go to the course of your choice and use the self-enrolment key the course coordinator has shared with you, or 

3.2 ... have to wait to be manually added to the course by the course coordinator, in which case you will be informed once you have access (usually in the mandatory course introduction session on-site or via Adobe Connect).

Last modified: Thursday, 26 October 2017, 11:32 AM