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In a nutshell

Open Lab Hours is an ongoing activity, organised by Nico Reski and Romain Hérault in the Department of Media Technology, Linnaeus University, Växjö. It is held usually Fridays, between 09:00 and 12:00, in room D2270A, Interaction Lab, Building D, Campus Växjö. The activity is intended as a friendly forum / get-together for individuals with similar interests, and to provide support and guidance towards (media) technology related topics. Make sure to subscribe to the calendar and follow us on Twitter for further announcements.

General description

Are you interested in talking about pretty much anything related to media technologies? Would you like to discuss projects, ideas and opportunities? Do you want to learn about certain technologies, either basic or advanced, how they work or how they can be applied? How to encrypt your email, how to model and print 3D tangible artifacts, how to use your computer to code creative, interactive applications, how to use a certain software tool, how to write a report or scientific publication using LaTeX...? All these are just a few domains we invite you to chat with us about.

Assuming you are motivated to actively learn something and to get in contact with people that are similarly dedicated and interested, we invite you to stop by the Media Technology Open Lab Hours, true to the motto all creatures welcome!

For bachelor and master students in the Department of Media Technology, we offer advice and feedback to assignments you need to conduct, both theoretically and practically, pointing you in the right directions.

--- !!! PAUSED !!! :: Open Lab Hours is currently on hold. If you are interested in the activity, we can organize Open Lab Hours sessions on demand. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us. ---

Topic / Content request

Feel free to suggest a topic to talk or technology you are interested to learn about with us. If you let us know in advance, we can do some research ourselves and prepare already some material, ultimately helping you even better. We can also prepare special workshops on demand, if there is enough interest. Just send us an email and we will come back to you.

Lab reports of prior sessions

Please find below written summaries of past Open Lab Hours sessions in .pdf format:

HT 16

VT 16

Social Media

You can find the Department of Media Technology as @MediaTechLNU on both Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to use the Hashtag #MediaTechLNU to connect your content to us.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to show up on time and attend the whole 3 hours?

A: No, you can stop by and drop in at what ever time you want and see for yourself what's happening. You can also leave at what ever time you want. Open Lab Hours is a voluntary activity.

Q: I have a specific matter that I would like to talk to you about. How do I make sure we have the opportunity to do so?

A: No problem, just send us an email beforehand and we make sure to allocate some time for you.

Q: Oh cool, then you guys can help me with all of my projects and ideas, both conceptually as well as implementation-wise?

A: The Open Lab Hours activity is something that Nico and Romain are running on their own, private free time, voluntarily. We are not getting paid in any form by the university. The general idea is to provide a meeting point for any creature that wants to talk about (media) technology-related topics. We can provide advice as far as our competences allow it. Please don't consider us being "resources" of any kind.

About the organisers

About Nico

Nico holds a master degree in Media Technology (M.Sc.) from Linneaus University and is particularly interested in virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interaction, natural and tangible user interfaces, and the Internet of Things. On the side, he prototypes with creative coding toolkits, such as openFrameworks or Processing.

How you can reach Nico:

email: nico [dot] reski [at] lnu [dot] se (PGP Key ID: B061D75B)


Twitter: @nicoversity

About Romain

Romain holds a master degree in Media Technology (M.Sc.) from Linneaus University. His interests are 3D modeling and printing, human-computer interaction, and tangible user interfaces. Supporting the DIY movement, he enjoys attaching digital properties to already existing physical objects. He also prototypes using 3D software and 3D printers.

How to reach Romain: 

email: romain [dot] herault [at] lnu [dot] se

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