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Information meeting about Academic career opportunities May 2nd

Martin Östlund
Information meeting about Academic career opportunities May 2nd
by Martin Östlund - Thursday, 5 April 2018, 8:29 AM

Here is an open invitation to a meet-up with information about career opportunities in the academic sector from LNU:s career office: 

Café Career, Växjö

Academic career- something for you?

Sooner or later every university student has to ask themselves the question of what to do after their studies: What can I do after my studies? Depending on your field of studies, probably a career in business or the public sector would be your first choice. But why not do a PhD? A career within academia is often not as far away as many think, and as a student at LNU you have in fact already started this journey, probably without even knowing it!

How to become a doctoral student, what a doctoral student does, and why even more years of studying can be a big advantage (not only career-wise). Welcome to Café Career! Sign up on the link below and join us at Restaurant Kristina, H-building, May 2nd.

It will take place in Växjö, , May 2nd, Restaurant Kristina, H-building, 3.00 PM- 4.30 PM

Sign up here

Sign up, ”fika”, get inspired and get the information you need for your future academic career- we’ll see you there!

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Lnu Career